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Calla Knopman

Highland Park, NJ 08904

Long ago... May 6, 1963....In a galaxy far, far away....Philadelphia.... a girl child was born to a loving couple.

Fated to spend her life battling injustice and redtape she journeyed through various states (California, New York, Tel-Aiv, Chicago, Minnesota, New Jersey) trying to find her niche in life. She tried Waitressing, Serving cocktails, and bartending before the inevitable conclusion was reached....

There is no life without a degree.

Sure that chemistry was the key, she endeavored to attain the B.S. from CCNY.
Lacking one final semester she tried the career path.

From Environmental Chem. climbing down manholes, sampling PCBs and sludge,
she took off her hard hat and steel toe work boots to try the lab setting. Very interesting!

Formulation and development of wound care...catheters....urostomy bags.. a terrific job at Hollister Inc.
She had then the opportunity to work on great projects including calcium alginate products, adhesives and nonwovens.
One project, Fecal Collector lead to a patent (a link to the patent is included below).
Following her spouse (details no longer available) to New York, she left a wonderful group of people behind to start again in New Jersey.

Battling again the unassailable force (human resource departments) she searched high and low for a similar position
finally taking a chemical sales job at Fisher Scientific. Considering that most of her responibilities were getting tied more and more to the computer...,
the girl turned to a new career.

Chubb's Institute in Jersey City was kind enough to give a seat to the girl. In no time at all, she graduated with honors and landed a position with Paragon Computer Staffing. As a contract worker at AT&T, the she is now part of the core developmental group for the Data Warehouse.

Stay tuned for the adventure continues...........

Click here to visit Paragon Paragon

While at Hollister Inc., I had the opportunity to be a part of an outstanding group of people working in the medical device field. This team was responsible for product development and as such was responsible for a patent for a new wound care manufacturing process for hydrocolloid barriers. As co-author of this patent I am proud to provide a link here if you would like to see it. The patent.

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