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These files below have been sent to me over the e-mail by a number of sources. I do not take responsibility for their content or language. They are listed here only as a humorous sideline.

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Things not taxed.
What Men Really Mean.
Men & Women: The Differences.
Top 50 Oxymorons.
Philosophies of the 20th Century.
Mens' Rules For Women.
The Bank Robbers?
Ebonics Christmas.
New York christmas.
Nixon versus Clinton.
A letter to the IRS.
Church bloopers (actual signs).
Dilbert Philosophy.
100 Reasons Why it is Great to be a Man.
Actual Bumper Stickers.
What to do with hotel soap.
Cat Bathing As a Martial Art
Top Ten Reasons That Halloween Is Greater Than Sex!
Star Trek meets Microsoft
Woman eats contraceptive jelly
Beer has Hormones?
Husband wife one liners
Having a bad day!
Illiteracy (computers)
Why chocolate is better than sex.
Really stupid people.
Available Immediatley! Higher Source Needs Staffing
Wife vs. Mistress program
Product name snafu's
Subject: Condom use.What if ________ made condoms?

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