Stay tuned for the adventure continues...........

From Environmental Chem. climbing down manholes, sampling PCBs and sludge, she took off her hard hat and steel toe work boots to try the lab setting.
Formulation and development of wound care...catheters....urostomy bags.. led her back to the east coast.
Unable to get a decent job at decent wages, the girl child is contemplating computer programming.

There is no life without a degree. Sure that chemistry was the key, she endeavored to attain the B.S. from CCNY. Lacking one final semester she tried the career path.

Fated to spend her life battling injustice and redtape she journeyed through various states (California, New York, Chicago, Minnesota, New Jersey) trying to find her niche in life. She tried Waitressing, Serving cocktails, and bartending before the inevitable conclusion was reached....

Long ago... May 5, 1963....In a galaxy far, far away....Philadelphia.... a girl child was born to a loving couple.