Life at Chubb's

All types of students attended Chubb's for either Programming, Help Desk Support,NEDC (Network Engineering and Data Communications)or Client Server Applications.

The course work is challenging and the pace is quick enough to make it clear that its a 12 hour day every day. Dont forget that you are basically cramming a 4 year degree in 8 months. Of course you dont cover as thoroughly each subject and even skip many but you will be getting all theory and coding from the start. Your real education will start your first day on the job but you need the basic skills to get a job. We started unit 1 in april with 3 classes of 25 students each. Lost about 15 into unit 2, 10 into unit 3,16 into unit 4 and one in unit 5 who got a job. Thank G-d, we all made it through unit 6. To keep your seat at chubb's you need to maintain an average over 80 and complete the scheduled projects on time.

Working as a Programmer for Paragon Computer Consultants, I have been placed at AT&T's 20K facility in Piscataway NJ. Luck was with me when I landed this job. It is a position on the Non-Call Detail, Data Warehouse Development Team. As it is a development project I am doing coding, setting up libraries, writing the proc's and execution JCL, debugging, unit testing, string testing, and inter system testing as well as data analysis. I love it! Every day I learn something new.

If you are thinking about programming as a possible career and just want to air...I am always available at this e-mail address.

    Now!Visit Webstation for great tutorials. Everything you need to know about html.

To visit Chubb's web site directly click here Chubb's Computer Services.

A really great site with reference guides and tools for COBOL and JCL, CICS, DB2... Check it out!

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