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These are all the great cat animated and static gifs I have collected. Send me any you would like to see included and I will be hapy to add a link to your site. Enjoy!

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My baby "PM (Precious Monster)"

Running Calico

Cat Face

Cat Wagging Tail

Kitten scratching

Running Cat

Chasing Butterfly

Running Cheetah

Cool Dude Tom

Kitten runs and sleeps

Stationary Cat

Happy Cat

Jumping Cat

Electric Shock

Cat on a Fence

Cat With Ball


Adorable White Kitty

Cat and Mouse Bar 1

Grey cat Walk

Licking Paws

Cat and Mouse bar 2

Exxon Tiger

Cartoon Kittys

Black cat leaving Paw Prints

Sylvester and Junior

Hanging in Tree

Mallet Happy

Teenager cat

dog chases cat

kitty chowing

Happy cat

Texan cat

All the graphics on this page are free ware. To copy any animated gif...place your mouse over the graphic and press the right botton. A dialogue box will appear. Choose the "Save image/picture as" and save to any location on your hard drive. You can then post them on your own webpage. If you dont have an address yet, register with geocities by clicking on the advertisement below.

Here are some great links to other sites with cat gifs.
Beware of Cat!

I would love to hear any comments you have. e-mail.

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