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Chemistry Links
Amer. Chem. Society
Join the society. Conference dates and a job database.
Chemscape Chimes
Build and view compounds. A great tool for students and those with an interest.
Ibm patent server.
Search the database for patents or look up mine at #5609585.

Aerospace links
Visit the originator of the internet. You can see the results of high energy collisions here.
Hubble Space Telescope.
Download the newest hubble images before the media.
Compton Observtory
Also a selection of info and images. See the universe in the infrared.
Project Galileo
Follow the mission step by step.
Aerospace Navigator
The largest assortment of all Astrological data I've seen. At least pick up cool wallpapers for your desktop.

Web Development Links
Alchemy Mindworks.
The gif construction set among other tools can be found here.
Offers a free webpage of 200K. You can also purchase more space and chat rooms.
Another free webpage provider. This one gives up to 2M though and a free mail program.
Even if you are an avid Netscape user...Check out the ActiveX Control Pad and the Sitebuilder Network. Well worth your time.

Animated GIF Library
Join the guild.
See Denton for more Animated Gifs.
A cool site with lots of useful gifs and links.
Renegade graphic collection.
A site not to be missed.
Truly remarkable site. Easy access, great gifs, and links,links,links
Icon bank.
Large database you can search for needed icons.
> LinkExchange
LinkExchange Member Free Home Pages at GeoCities